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There’s no mistaking the influence growing up in New Orleans has had on the songwriting of Kyle Ridley, who now calls New York City his home.


He masterfully fuses blues, funk, soul, and rock to create music that takes the listener on a sonic journey. Kyle is a multi-instrumentalist with a focus on guitar, bass and keys. Kyle’s love and appreciation spans all genres of music and, from his Hudson Yards studio on the west side of Manhattan, he has been connecting with various artists to create new music.

In addition to his solo writing and production career, Kyle is co-founder of the R&B/soul band John The Martyr. Formed in 2015 after Kyle met lead singer Bill Hudson on a Manhattan subway platform where Bill was busking, the band performs throughout the country and released their first full length album, all songs penned by Kyle, on +1 Records in May of 2019. The band has enjoyed numerous synch placements.

Kyle’s debut solo EP "Funky Room" under the moniker Pedro Blue was released on July 9th 2021:

He his now in the process of releasing his 2nd EP into the world.

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