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A traveling entity grounding itself through colorful indie songs, Monte Duma draws inspiration from singular outdoor places like Lake Lefroy (Western Australia), Dent Du Villard (French Alpes) or the Santa Monica Mountains (California) to share experiences of living around the world, taking you on a cinematic road trip full of wild and vivid landscapes.

Monte Duma is the solo project from singer and producer Nils. Hailing from a remote ski resort the Alpes, Nils grew up playing the classical guitar, skiing and exploring the outdoors. It’s been quite a journey and the path to his current home, near the Los Angeles coastline, has taken him to Paris, Singapore, Berlin and Perth.


Striving to find a lost sense of balance, music has become a part of a meditative and healing practice to transcribe and share experiences and raw feelings through a subtle blend of silvery vocals, acoustic guitars, organic sounds and electronic textures.

His debut EP "Grounding Songs" was released in June 2021 :

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