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Jason Del Campo is a French composer, guitarist and producer. After graduating from the Conservatoire and working on a number of projects as a sideman (he shared the stage with the french singer Mebla with whom he opened for Pomme, Suzanne, Hoshi, Vanessa Paradis and played on stages like Printemps de Perouge, La Cigale...).


His solo career began at the end of 2022 with the release of his debut album Sage on the London based label At-Swim and Jason embarked on his first solo international tour in early 2023. 


He recently composed the soundtrack for director Fanny Molins's film Atlantic Bar (Cannes Film Festival 2022). 

After Sage, where Jason re-explored his childhood bedroom filled with his dreams and memories, he is back with a 2nd album, Clavel Blanco, on which he pays tribute to his Spanish roots and explores the unspoken relationship he has always had with that country: a connection that is both omnipresent in the gestures but totally absent from the words of his grandparents.

Inspired by "The Tibetan Book of Life and Death" and his research into different cultures and traditions around the world, this album is conceived as the funeral procession he would have dreamed of offering to his grandmother.

Still in the intimacy of his guitar, warmly recorded with his K7 tape recorder, Jason explores other musical places : rhythms that look towards electronic music, he arranged for string ensembles and collaborates with the duo Black Lilys and singer Lisa Li-Lund.


His album Clavel Blanco will be released in 2 parts in February and June 2024.


The 1st part : Clavel Blanco, Pt.1.

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